The company has grown from under a million turnover in the first year, averaging around 9 million a year. The company is expanding its operations, moving away from working predominatly in the Southern Cape, to the Werstern Cape, Eastern Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal market. The company is positoning itself to be an active contractor within medium to large contractors-under current CIDB regulation that would be between the 
R10 million-R30 million price category. KP construction firmly believes that we have necessary technical, human and financial resources to be a formidable contractor in this target market. 

Contracts at a glance

The company involved in joint
venture for the protection of gabion baskets in the beautiful Tradouws pass. Work had to be carried out approxiametly 30m below road level and entailed the rewiring of the existing gabion boxes that was damaged through a major fix in the area. Safety was of paramount importance on this contract as well the enviroment being protected while work was being carried out.

Consultant: HHO Africa
Client: PAWC
Contract Value: R2.4m

The Department of Health, via the public Works Department Western Cape, commissioned the repairs, renovations and alterations to the Alan Blythe Hospital in Ladismith. KP Construction was appointed as contractor on this project. the job entailed converting the nurses home into a Day Care Clinic and a base for the EMS - Emergency Medical Services.

Consultant: Pollard & Associates
Client: PWD - Public Works Department - Western Cape
Contract Value: R1.16m

Work on the New Council Chambers for the Oudtshoorn Municipality began in June 2006.  The concrete framed structure with brick infill panels was designed by Johan Smit architects and KP Construction was appointed contractors on this R4.7 million rand project.  Initial construction was challenging as during construction as underground spring was discovered. Design changed slightly, adequate provision to contain the constant flow of water and some muddy conditions eventually gave rise to a magnificent building for the Oudtshoorn Municipality.

Client: Oudtshoorn Municipality
Consultant - Architects: Johan Smit Architects
Civil/Structural Engineers: African Consulting Engineers
Quality Surveyors: LWA
Contract Value: R4.7 million

The Bridgton Junior Secondary School survived a fire and a wing of the school was completely gutted and destroyed. The department of Education, through the public works department and stepped in to alleviate the shortage of classroom by commissioning the demolition of the existing structure as well as the rebuilding of a new wing. KP Construction was appointed as contractors and together with the professional team another project accomplished. Much to the delight of the local teachers as well as students and not to mention  a happy client.

Client: Public Works Department Western Cape
Consultant - Architects: Johan Smit Architects
Quality Surveyors: Devilliers Neethling Consulting Engineers
Contract Value: R3.4 million

The Department of Education embarked on a project to provide schools with forums (school Halls).  A few schools were earmarked for this expansion drive and within the Southern Cape, Ladismith Secondary in Ladismith as well as Bridgton Senior Secondary in Oudtshoorn were lucky recipients of this venture. KP  Construction successfully tendered and was duly awarded the construction of the two(2) Forums. The Ladismith Secondary School Forum – designed to have a curved roof on a steel structure was constructed at a cost of R1.5 million.

Client: Department of Public Works
Consultant - Architects: Harnaker & Associated (Cape Town)
Quality Surveyors: Devilliers Neethling Consulting Engineers
Contract Value: R1.5 million

The Bridgton Senior secondary Forum, designed with steel columns with brickfill panels with the outside façade was done in a facebrick finish.

Client: Department of Public Works
Consultant - Architects: Johan Smit Architects
Quality Surveyors: Devilliers Neethling Consulting Engineers
Contract Value: R1.8 million

Additions to the Conville Primary in George involved the construction of a new double storey classroom block. Six new classrooms as well as ablution facilities was built to replace the mobile classrooms the school was using. The public works department appointed KP Construction to erect the new building and 10 months later another successful project delivered.

Client: Department of Public Works
Consultant - Architects: Farrenkothen  Architects (George)
Quality Surveyors: Chauke Quantity Surveyors
Contract Value: R2.1million

The department of health commissioned the conversion of old laundry, at Oudtshoorn Provincial Hospital, into a new bulk pharmacy depot to service the Southern Cape. The professional team together with appointed contractors KP Construction moved onto site and operation “extreme makeover” began. The existing Asbestos roof was removed, under the guidance and within OHS acts, and a new roof constructed. 10 months later the pharmacy department of the Oudtshoorn Hospital moved into their newly renovated building.

Client: Department of Public Works
Consultant - Architects: Munnik Visser(George)
Civil Engineers: Kantey & Templer (George)
Quality Surveyors: Chauke Quantity Surveyors
Contract Value: R2.1million

Heavy rains in the Southern Cape forced the South African National Parks to take drastic safety measures at the Wilderness National Park. Three wooden chalets was in danger of collapsing because the river widened and the river banks began collapsing and being unstable.
Two new timbers chalets was to be built and the S.A. National appointed KP Construction excelled in the construction of the wooden chalets.

Client: South African National Parks
Consultant: In House
Contract Value: R1.1million

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